List Janitor Review and bonuses

List Janitor Review

List Janitor makes cleaning your list easy and fee-powerful. You will be capable of mail the usage of pro SMTP correctly. Yep, simply break out of the autoresponder hegemony.

#possibility : Mail all of your clients regardless of How They Signed Up

one in every of the biggest troubles with List Janitor Review having an autoresponder mechanism is that you can’t mail the clients who didn’t sign on the use of the autoresponder. For example, if you have clients who signed up from inside your product, or maybe in your blog, or your support middle, etc., there’s no manner to mail them.


If you acquired clients through buying out a product, a commercial enterprise, or with the aid of co-launching a product with someone, then additionally you’ll find that you can’t mail the buyers.


You can’t even ship them an replace notification.


The only way to remedy this problem is by uploading the customers list into the autoresponder or the usage of a SMTP service. Each of which require that the list is 100% smooth.



With list Janitor you may smooth your listing from any source and either successfully import it into your autoresponder, or mail the use of SMTP services.

#possibility : section & clear out Your Lists

one of the high-quality methods to improve delivery is to segment your listing. If you’re the usage of an autoresponder it’s likely which you’ve segmented simplest on the basis of the product that humans signed up for.


What if you can additionally segment for domains, areas, countries, demographics?


That kind of targeting is simply now not possible using conventional autoresponders. In case you have been capable of do this however, you could create tailor-made messages in your target market and improve your open costs and income quite a bit.



With list Janitor works powerful segmentation features you may section lists primarily based on any parameter. You may additionally combine the lists any way you need. Simply import them into autoresponders or ship the mail the use of SMTP when accomplished.

#possibility : A/B checking out

one of the best approaches to find out what works and what doesn’t paintings is to do A/B checking out. That means sending components of your listing a distinctive e-mail and others parts a one of a kind electronic mail so you can perceive which pitch works first-rate.


That’s not possible the use of autoresponders because they don’t permit you to segment your emails.



With listing Janitor you may create sub lists and segments divided on any criterion you need and mail them.

#opportunity : keep Mailing prices

It simply doesn’t make experience paying more for defunct, useless, unsolicited mail traps, role and unresponsive e-mail addresses. They no longer simplest cost extra, additionally they drag the general deliverability and open price down, affecting your mail overall performance and returns. Alas, cleansing your list and putting off those electronic mail addresses is hard.


List Janitor cleans your list of all the bad e-mail addresses, enhancing your general transport and making you extra cash for each $ spent.


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listing Janitor Is A should Have tool For Any e-mail Marketer

You’re already investing 100s of dollars a month in electronic mail advertising. You’re paying your autoresponder a month-to-month price. Paying even more on developing content material, products, marketing so that you can build your list and take hold of leads. So why omit a free cease that’s inflating your prices and decreasing income?


With listing Janitor you’ll be capable of hold squeaky clean, shining, well-oiled lists which might be segmented and respond extraordinarily well on your emails all at a small one-time fee.


This device is as important for your toolset as your autoresponder. A ought to-must release the authentic ability of your e mail advertising and marketing.



The entire listing cleansing & list

control application


listing cleansing features

grow your lists, increase conversions, and optimise your target market engagement with lovely emails and autoresponders, excessive-changing internet forms, laser-sharp segmentation, and unique shipping equipment.




Listing control features


Plan, construct, and manage individual customer trips based totally in your subscribers’ information, needs, and moves. Use the simple “if-then” good judgment of conditions, actions, and filters organized into workflows.